Built along the lines of a lodge and using a chassis so that the Planning permission is easier to obtain. The Bedroom pod is a sensible thoughtful solution to your accommodation problems.

Please view the ready reckoner  to see how fast these pods can pay for themselves.

For an easy solution to providing extra accommodation we offer a Two Bedroom Pod giving extra bedrooms on any flat area you have available.
The Two bedroom pod measures 40' x 13' giving an individual bedroom size of 20' x 13'

Connected to your services and sitting on a concrete pad these bedrooms offer an equipped, furnished, heated, finished bedroom solution.

With an external boiler system (if gas is selected) servicing each block of 2  bedrooms they are easy to heat, maintain and clean.
Bedroom Pod Layout Plan
Fully equipped with twin bed's, bedside cabinets, writing desk with phone charger, tub chair, fridge, tea/coffee making area, hair dryer, TV, built in wardrobe, lighting, external lighting, electrical sockets and radiator.
Exterior colours in Canexel,
Bedroom pod exterior colours


Extra bedroom pod solution

The Pod bedroom is built on a chassis and at 40' long x 13' wide x 3 m high is a self contained accommodation solution ideal for hotels, golf courses and wedding venues. Fully insulated and equipped. Exterior colours: Shades of timber, Roof tiles in brown or grey, Double glazed uPvc in white, grey or timber shades.


Pod interior bedroom pod

Superbly equipped with bathroom/shower, bedroom with built in wardrobes and office desk. OSB board to the interior giving a warm natural feel.

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